Icom IC-202
144 MHz 3 Watts

Icom IC-202S
144 MHz 3 Watts

Icom IC-402
430 MHz 3 Watts

Icom IC-502/A
50 MHz 3 Watts

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Icom IC-202

  • RIT
  • S & Power Meter
  • Aluminum Die Cast Chassis
  • Operates from 9 "C" Cells
  • Noise Blanker
  • 144-144.4 MHz
  • Dial Lamp
  • 3W SSB Output
  • Built-in Telescopic Whip
  • Morse Code Key Input Jack

The Icom IC-202 is a portable 2 meter USB/CW transceiver. Operation is from 144-144.4 MHz continuous via two supplied crystals. Two additional crystal sockets are available for 200 kHz segments in the range of 144-145 MHz. Output is 3 watts SSB. An external key jack supports CW operation. The radio features S/RF meter, RIT, NB, light and light switch. May be operated from nine "C" cells or external 13.8 VDC. Has accurate 10 kHz linear analog dial scale. There is both a built-in telescopic whip and an SO-239 external antenna jack.

Initially supplied accessories included: hand mic, mic case, nine "C" cells, shoulder strap and earphone.
Operational Note:  Some versions used a positive ground and negative tip. Therefore operation in a vehicle is not advised.

The similar Icom IC-202S [1978] added a removable antenna and operates on lower sideband.

The Icom IC-402 (not shown) is similar to the IC-202, but operates on 70 cm in the range of 430-435.2 MHz 3 Watts SSB/CW.

The Icom IC-502 (not shown) is similar to the IC-202, but operates on 6 meters from 50-52 MHz 3 Watts SSB/CW.

The Icom IC-502A (not shown) is similar to the IC-202, but operates on 6 meters from 50-51 MHz 3 Watts SSB/CW.
This updated version [1980] of the IC-502 features smoother tuning and better stability.

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  BC15 Battery pack includes ten NiCads. Accepts external charging from 110 VAC Discontinued
  BC20 Battery pack includes ten NC-900C 900 mAh NiCad AAs. Accepts external charging from 13.8 VDC. VIEW Discontinued
  IC-20L Amplifier 10 watts (for IC-202 only). Discontinued
  IC-30L Amplifier 10 watts (for IC-402 only). Discontinued
  IC-3PS Power Supply with stand-up bracket to hold radio. Discontinued
  IC-215 Vertical mobile snap-mount bracket. Discontinued

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IC-202 75-79 D[279]000/000 Q030/050 JP 05/18
IC-402 __-__ D[389]000/000 Q040/060 JP 06/15
IC-502 __-__ D[239]000/000 Q060/090 JP 08/15
IC-502A__-__ D[239]000/000 Q070/100 JP 08/15