Icom IC-821H
144/440 MHz Multi Mode


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  • All Mode
  • 160 Memories
  • Memory Scan
  • Call Channel
  • Noise Blanker
  • Hand Mic
  • Dual Digital VFO's
  • Sub Band Receive
  • Sub Band Transmit
  • Satellite Functions
  • IF Shift/RIT on Sub
  • 9600 Compatible

The Icom IC-821H 2M/440 all-mode transceiver was designed from the start for superior satellite and digital communications. Output power is continuously adjustable. Output on VHF 144-148 MHz is 6-35W SSB, 6-45W FM/CW. Output on UHF 430-450 MHz is 6-30W SSB, 6-40W FM/CW. Sub Band Receive and Sub Band Transmit are both featured. It is 9600 baud compatible right out of the box. A built-in electronic keyer is also supplied. In the satellite mode, the Sub band is set to transmitter (uplink) frequency and the Main band is set to the receiver (downlink) frequency. In this way, the analog S-meter, IF shift, noise blanker and RIT functions can be used for receiving. This is convenient for fine tuning the transceiver's operation to your needs. The rear panel features an SO239 jack for 2 meters and an N jack for 440. The IC-821H is PACSAT compatible and includes a hand mic.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AG-25 AG-    25 Mast mounted preamp for 2 meters. Discontinued
  (AG-25) AG-    35 Mast mounted preamp for 440 MHz. Discontinued
  CR-293 CR-293 This high stability option virtually eliminates drift. 0.5 ppm at 0C to +60C.
[Soldering required].
  CT-17 CT-17 CI-V Level Converter for connection to PC RS-232C port. INFO Discontinued
  filter FL-132 Filter 500 Hz CW Main Band [10.8 MHz]. Discontinued
  filter FL-133 Filter 500 Hz CW Sub Band/Satellite [10.9 MHz]. Discontinued
  HM12 HM-12 Hand mic Up-Down 8 pin (as supplied with radio) INFO Discontinued
  MB-5 MB-  5 Mobile mounting bracket. Discontinued
   MB-23 MB-23 Carry Handle. Discontinued
  SM-20 SM-20 Uni-directional electret condenser-type, Up/Down desktop microphone with low cut function. Discontinued
  SP-7 SP-7 Speaker on a stand. Discontinued
  UT-84 UT-84 CTCSS Tone Squelch Board. Discontinued
  UT-102 UT-102 Voice synthesizer announces frequency and mode. Discontinued

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