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Icom IC-970H
VHF/UHF Multi Mode 45W

Icom IC-970A
VHF/UHF Multi Mode 25W


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Icom IC-970H

  • All Mode
  • 396 Memories
  • Memory Scan
  • Call Channel
  • Noise Blanker
  • Keypad
  • Large LCD
  • Sub Band Receive
  • Sub Band Transmit
  • Satellite Functions
  • RIT
  • Notch

The Icom IC-970H provides the highest possible performance on 144 and 430 MHz with optional 1200 MHz operation (with UX-97). VHF Power output is 5-35W SSB/CW, 6-45W FM. UHF power output is 5-30W SSB/CW, 6-40W FM. UHF output is 5-30W SSB/CW, 6-40W FM. Receive is 144-150 and 430-450 MHz (1240-1300 MHz with optional UX-97). The 970H has a large 2.4 x 4.5 inch backlit LCD display. Refinements include: built-in speech processor, notch filter, CW semi-breaking, keypad entry, RIT, satellite functions and speaker separate switch.

The Icom IC-970A is a lower power version providing VHF/UHF output at 3.5-25W SSB/CW/FM. If the optional UX-97 is added to either version, then output at 1200 MHz is 1-10W. [The rack handles shown above are optional].

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AG-25 Mast mounted preamp for 2 meters. Discontinued
  AG-35 Mast mounted preamp for 440 MHz. Discontinued
  AG-1200 Mast mounted preamp for 1.2 GHz. Discontinued
  CR-293 This high stability option virtually eliminates drift. 0.5 ppm at 0C to +60C. [Soldering required]. Discontinued
  CT-17 For remote control using a personal computer. (Software required). Discontinued
  EX-243 Electronics keyer unit. Discontinued
  FL-132 Filter 500 Hz CW Main Band [10.8 MHz]. Discontinued
  FL-133 Filter 500 Hz CW Sub Band/Satellite [10.9 MHz]. Discontinued
  HM-12 Hand mic Up-Down 8 pin (as supplied) Discontinued
  HM-14 Hand mic Up-Down 8 pin with DTMF Discontinued
  MB-19 Rack mounting handles. Discontinued
  SM-  8 Electret condenser-type, Up/Down desk microphone. Discontinued
  PS-15 External Power Supply. 20 Amp. Discontinued
  PS-30 External Power Supply. 25 Amp. Discontinued
  PS-35 Internal Power Supply. 20 Amp. Discontinued
  PS-55 External Power Supply. 20 Amp. Discontinued
  SP-20 External Speaker with 4 audio filters, headphone jack and input for two transceivers. 8 Ohms. Discontinued
  UT-34 Tone squelch unit. Discontinued
  UT-36 Voice synthesizer announces frequency (English or Japanese). Discontinued
  UX-97 1200 MHz band unit SSB/CW/FM 10 watts. Discontinued
  UX-R96 Receive unit provides 50-905 MHz receive [FM, FM-W and AM modes]. Discontinued

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A #0000 00 D000/000 Q000/1200 JP 12/15
H #0000 00 D000/000 Q000/0000 JP 06/19