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Kenwood TS-60S
6 meters 12 VDC


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  • Dual VFO's
  • 100 Memories
  • Scanning
  • TF-Set
  • CW Reverse
  • AGC (Slow/Fast)
  • Kenwood AIP
  • RIT
  • 90 Watts
  • Menu Programming
  • 50-54 MHz
  • DDS with "Fuzzy" logic
  • Full or Semi Break-in
  • All Mode Squelch
  • IF Shift
  • 12VDC 20 Amp operation

Despite its compact size, the Kenwood TS-60S 6 meter multi-mode transceiver has full-sized features and power. The
large LCD is easy to read in any light. Output is adjustable to 90 watts [23 watts AM]. Naturally it supports LSB, USB, CW AM and FM. Dual VFO's, 100 memories, AIP, RIT, IF shift, AGC and TF-set round out the features. The rear panel has SO239 antenna jack plus RCA phone jacks for ALC and RELAY and mini jacks for Speaker Output and Key Input. Supplied with:  mobile mounting bracket, power cord and MC-47 multifunction hand mic. Only 7 1/16 x 3 3/8 x 9 3/16 inches (6.4 lbs.).

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
    IF-10D Computer interface module. Discontinued
  MB-13 MB-13 Quick disconnect mobile mounting bracket. INFO Discontinued
    MC-47 Hand mic programable (8 pin) [As supplied]. VIEW Discontinued
  MC60A MC-60A Deluxe desk mic with preamp (8 pin). Not in stock
  MC80 MC-80 Desk mic with preamp (8 pin). Discontinued
  PG-2Z PG-2Y Extra DC power cord 13 feet (4 meters). Discontinued
  PG-2Z PG-2Z Extra DC power cord 6.5 feet (2 meters). Not in stock
  KPS15 KPS-15 Switching power supply 13.8 VDC at 23 Amps. Not in stock
  PS40 PS-40 Switching power supply delivers 13 VDC at 20 Amps. Discontinued
  PS53 PS-53 Heavy duty power supply delivers 13 VDC at 20 Amps. Discontinued
  SP50 SP-50 Add this mobile speaker for improved fidelity and clarity. Discontinued
  SO2 SO-2 High stability temperature compensated crystal oscillator. Discontinued
    YK-107C 500 Hz CW Filter Discontinued

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