Yaesu FT-680R
6 Meter Multi-Mode
Mobile Transceiver



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Yaesu FT-680R

  • SSB/CW/FM/AM Mode
  • 10 Hz CW/SSB Steps
  • S Meter
  • Memory Scan
  • Digital Display
  • 4 Memories
  • Two VFOs
  • Priority

The Yaesu FT-680R is a microprocessor multi-mode 6 meter transceiver. Modes include FM, AM, CW and SSB. The output power is 20 watts SSB PEP, 20 watts CW 20 watts FM and 8 watts AM. Coverage is 50-53.99 MHz. CW/SSB steps are: 10 Hz, 100 Hz or 1 kHz. FM steps are: 1 kHz, 20 kHz or 100 kHz. The front controls are laid out for easy mobile operation. The blue digital display is readable under most any lighting conditions. There are additional switches on the bottom. This radio requires 3 Amps at 13.8 VDC. (180x60x240mm).

The Yaesu FT-480R is similar to the FT-680R but covers 2 meters instead of 6 meters.

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  FP-80A AC Power supply provides 13.8 VDC at 5 Amps. VIEW Discontinued
  FTS-64E External CTCSS/Burst encoder. Discontinued
  SC-1 Station console. Discontinued
  YM-34 Desk microphone. Discontinued
  YM-38 Desk microphone with scanning switches. Discontinued
  YM-40 Hand microphone with DTMF. Discontinued

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