Kenwood TM-255A
2 Meter Multi Mode

Kenwood TM-455A
70 cm Multi Mode

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Kenwood TM-255A

  • Multi-mode
  • 1200/9600 Packet Terminal
  • Alert Channel

The Kenwood TM-255A transceiver delivers superior performance and all-mode operation in a mobile-sized package. Packed with all of the most often needed features such as:  auto mode selection, dual digital VFO's, all mode squelch, programmable scanning functions, semi break-in with side tone and much more. This compact, lightweight unit is just the ticket for the VHF operator needing a smaller sized rig in the shack or wanting to operate multi-mode mobile or portable. Output is 5 watts Low and 40 watts High. The TM-255A has a detachable front panel (requires optional cable) for easy mounting in a car. Other features include:   fly-wheel VFO tuning knob, 101 memory channels, 1200/9600 Packet jack and DDS with "fuzzy logic" control. The rear panel has a single SO-239 jack. With hand-mic. 7.0 x 2.4 x 8.5 inches (180 x 60 x 215.5 mm).

The Kenwood TM-455A is similar, but operating on the 70 cm band (440 MHz) instead of 2 meters.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  DFK-3 Detachable front panel cable. (3m) Discontinued
  DFK-4 Detachable front panel kit 13 foot (4m). Discontinued
  DFK-7A Detachable front panel kit. (7m) Discontinued
  MB-13 Mobile mounting bracket Discontinued
  MC-60A Deluxe desk mic with preamp (8 pin). (Requires MJ-88) Not in stock
  MC-80 Desk mic (8 pin). (Requires MJ-88) Discontinued
  MC-85 Desk mic (8 pin). (Requires MJ-88) Discontinued
  MJ-88 Modular to 8 pin mic adapter. Not in stock
  PG-2N Extra DC cable for second vehicle. Not in stock
  PG-3G DC line noise filer Discontinued
  PG-5A Data cable Discontinued
  PS-33 Heavy duty power supply delivers 13 VDC at 20 amps. Discontinued
  PS-53 Heavy duty power supply delivers 13 VDC at 20 amps. Discontinued
  SP-41 Speaker. Discontinued
  SP-50 Add this mobile speaker for improved fidelity and clarity. Discontinued
  TSU-8 CTCSS Tone unit Discontinued
  VS-2 Voice synthesizer unit. Discontinued

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