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22 Amp Power Supply

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The MFJ-4125 regulated switching power supply provides 13.8 VDC at 25 Amps surge or 22 Amps continuous. Input is 110 VAC 47-62 Hz or 220 VAC 47-63 Hz switchable.

The MFJ MightyLite features five way binding posts on the front. Protection modes include:  over voltage protection and over current protection. AC line fused (5 Amp). A green LED illuminates when the unit is on. A whisper fan keeps things cool. The MFJ-4125 has a switchable AC input voltage. 110 VAC at 47-62 Hz and 220 VAC at 47-63 Hz. Works with AC input 85-135 VAC or 170-260 VAC. Only 5W x 2H x 5D inches 3.75 Lbs. One year limited manufacturer's warranty. View larger.

See the July 2006 issue of QST for a review of this power supply.

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