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Seven Star TC100
AC Voltage Converter

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Pyramid PS-3

The Seven Star TC100 is a Step-Up / Step Down transformer. It can change 110/117/120V to 220/230/240V. And it can also change 220/230/240V to 110/117/120V. It accepts the North American 3-Prong Plug and accepts the European two pin plug. It has an LED for the power source. The input voltage is selected via a slide switch on the back panel. The back panel also has a screw out fuse. Two additional fuses are included.

Please carefully note that this model can only handle up to 100 watts. This would be suitable for small personal audio devices, calculators, clock radios, cell phone chargers, etc. It does NOT have the capacity to operate TVs, VCRs, computers, hair blowers, heaters, irons, etc.

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