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Antenna Rotators 

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Yaesu rotators are housed in weatherproof melamine coated die-cast aluminum and permanently lubricated to insure maintenance-free operation under all climate conditions. Yaesu includes a mounting template diagram with their antenna rotors.
Please note that rotor cable is not included.
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. G-450ADC G-800SA G-800DXA
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Yaesu G450A Yaesu G800SA Yaesu G800DXA
Duty: Light Medium Medium
Wind Load: 10 Sq.Ft. 16 Sq.Ft. 16 Sq.Ft.
Vertical Load 242 Lbs. 440 Lbs. 440 Lbs.
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. G-550 G-5500DC
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G550 G5500
Wind Load: 10 Sq.Ft. 17 Az/10 El Sq.Ft.
Type: Elevation AZ-EL
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  GA2500 GA-2500 Tower Absorber G-450A/800SA/800DXA/1000DXA
Mounts between tower shelf and rotator.
   GC038 GC-038 Mast Clamp G450A/800SA/800DXA/1000DXA
For mast 1.5 to 2.5 inches
Not in stock
#0489 GC048 GC-048 Mast Clamp G2800DX
For mast 1.875 to 2.5 inches
$  70.00 $  45.98 Order
   GL33 GL-33 Mast adjustment plate.Not in stock
  GS065 GS-065 Thrust Bearing 1.5-2.5 inches. INFO Not currently stocked
     C1000 GS-232A/B control cable for SDX series. VIEW Not currently stocked

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