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Yaesu FC800 Tuner

The Yaesu FC-800 External Remote Automatic Tuner is designed for the FT-840. It uses of the control circuitry built into the FT-840, which allows the operator to control and monitor automatic operation of the FC-800 mounted near the antenna feed point. For demanding applications, the FC-800 uses specially selected thermally stable components and is housed in a waterproof casing to reliably withstand severe climatic extremes. The FC-800 matches a wide variety of antennas to within a 1.5:1 SWR on any amateur band frequency in typically less than 30 seconds. Transmitter power required for matching can be as little as 10 watts, and matching settings are automatically stored in memory for instant recall when the same frequency range is reselected later.

* Coverage: 1.8 to 30 MHz Amateur Bands
* Power rating: 100W PEP
* Memories: 31 total
* Tuning time: 1 to 8 seconds, 4 seconds average
* Antenna matching impedance: 16.5 to 150 Ohms (SWR less than 3)
* Tuning power: 8 watts or more
* Matching Time: Under 30 seconds

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