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Yaesu FC-20
Antenna Tuner


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Yaesu FC20 Tuner

The Yaesu FC-20 External Automatic Tuner is designed for the FT-100, FT-100D and for the FT-847 operating on all HF ham bands plus 6 meters. It is ideal for tuning out minor SWR variations in your antenna system present at the radio end of your coax. Utilizing fixed inductances and variable capacitors controlled by precision stepper motors, the FC-20 can accommodate SWRs of up to 3:1 on HF and up to 2:1 on 50 MHz. The FC-20 also provides 100 memories for tuning data, so you will instantly be ready to transmit on your favorite frequencies and it includes a convenient Auto-Start feature in case the antenna system impedance suddenly changes.

* Coverage:  1.8 to 54 MHz Amateur Bands
* Power rating:  150W PEP
* Memories:  100 total
* Tuning time:  <30 seconds
* Antenna matching impedance:  17 to 150 Ohms

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