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  Miracle QPak

The Miracle QPak precision QRP tuner takes the revered link-coupled antenna tuner design to new heights of performance, efficiency, reliability and quality, and does it with a thrilling elegance that will grace your station. Utilizing a unique input stage, the QPack solves the "missing capacitance" syndrome common to many tuners and delivers an outstanding matching range (better than 15:1 in most cases) throughout the most-wanted 3 to 56 MHz range, and does it with far greater efficiency than most conventional designs.

Feature-rich, the QPack precision has controls for resonance, coupling, band switching, output link selection and a switchable ground, giving an almost endless range of tuning scenarios to match the most challenging loads. You can tune dipoles, loops, whips and random wires fed with coax or balanced lines without any external baluns or add-ons - we've used it to load up a file cabinet!

The QPack precision incorporates Miracle Antenna's exclusive FlatPak variable capacitors. Over a year in development, they feature essentially zero loss. They're gasketed, shock, dust and vibration proof, they tune with a weighted, silky-smooth feel through oversized Rogan Soft-Touch knobs, and demonstrate perfect stability and repeatability. The Omni-Vue display enables you to orient the QPack however you wish and still be able to tune and read the scales.

Tested to 50 watts and conservatively rated at 25 watts (80 - 6 meters), the QPack is perfect for portable operations as well as RFI and antenna-sensitive environments where mid-range power is preferred. With the QPack's remarkable efficiency and matching precision, your contacts will never know you're not running 100 watts! And your neighbors will never know you're running, period.

The QPack is engineered into a bulletproof extruded aluminum enclosure that's gorgeous, RF-tight, and practically indestructible, with superior-quality connectors, switches and magnetic materials throughout. Highly-praised Miracle Antenna quality and the versatility and performance of this tuner make it a bargain that will perform flawlessly for as long as you own it. BNC input and output. Providing quality, precision, reliability and elegance, the QPack is the "Rolex" of QRP tuners.     Made in Canada by the Miracle Antenna folks.

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