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SGC SG-239
(SGC #54-22)


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The SGC SG-239 ushers in a renaissance of HF communications, as it will work with any transceiver to provide long distance communications across borders and continents. By using the SG-239 antenna coupler, anyone can achieve great results (1.8-30 MHz) with a longwire antenna or a coaxial fed multi resonant antenna at the window of a condo in a big city or the small roof of a house. The possibilities are unlimited!

The new SG-239 fits the coupler requirement of the many low cost HF transceivers on the market, including among others, Scout, Yaesu FT-817, Kenwood TS-50, Icom IC-706 and the K2 kit. Of course, the SG-239 is ideal with the legendary SG-2020 transceiver.

Performance features of the SG-239 are far ahead of its modest price tag. The unit will work with silent receiver tuning or within the power range of 1.5 to 200 watts with a high power transceiver. It has 170 memory bins (165 TX, 5 RX), with fast, accurate tuning via independent sensors, including VSWR, phase, magnitude, low impedance, and forward sensing. Other couplers only sense the VSWR for a proper match the SG-239 does it all and does it fast. And, if you recall the tuning setting from memory, tuning is even faster. Click here for SG-239 specifications.

The SG-239 utilizes the respected technology of the very popular SGC Smartuners. This new low cost and high performance product will offer radio amateurs an opportunity to achieve increased levels of operation with any HF equipment. This tuner requires 13.8 VDC at 230 mA. 6 x 1.85 x 7.5 inches. Click here for internal view.

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