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Don't leave home without this mobile HF tuner! Have an uninterrupted trip as the MFJ-945E extends your antenna bandwidth and eliminates the need to stop, go outside and readjust your mobile whip. Handles 300 watts.

The MFJ-945E handles up to 300 watts and is housed in a compact 8 x 2 x 6 inch black aluminum cabinet. The new Cross-Needle meter shows SWR, forward and reflected power -- at a glance. It reads forward/reflected power in 300/50 and 30/5 watt ranges. Has on/off lamp switch. Requires 12 Volts for lamp. Convenient placement of controls makes tuning fast and easy while in motion.

The back panel has SO-239 connectors for transmitter and coax and a wing nut post for your ground. Efficient airwound inductor gives you lower losses and more watts out. 1000 volt capacitors. Covers 1.8 - 60 MHz. Use it at home in your base station when you're not in your RV, boat or car. Requires external 12 volts or optional MFJ-1312D for meter illumination.

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   MFJ-1312D 12 VDC 500mA AC Adapter Not in stock

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