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LDG AT-100 Pro
Antenna Tuner


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AT-100 Pro2

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LDG AT100 Pro

The LDG AT-100 Pro desktop tuner covers all frequencies from 1.8 to 54 MHz, and will automatically match your antenna in no time. It features a two-position antenna switch, allowing you to switch instantly between two antennas. The AT-100Pro requires just 1 watt to operation, but will handle up to 125 watts, making it suitable for everything from QRP up to a typical 100 watt transceiver.

The AT-100 Pro includes over 2,000 memories for each antenna, automatically storing tuning configurations for each frequency and band as you use them. Frequency sensing circuitry lets the AT-100 Pro “know” your operating band and frequency. Whenever you transmit on or near a frequency you have used before, the AT-100Pro can retune from memory almost instantly.

Rugged and easy-to-read LED bargraphs show power and SWR, and a Function key on the front panel allows you to access data like mode and status. The AT-100Pro uses latching relays which retain the tuned configuration indefinitely even when powered down; current draw when not tuning is effectively zero.

The AT-100Pro uses LDG’s state-of-the-art processor-controlled Switched-L tuning network. It will match dipoles, verticals, inverted-Vs or virtually any coax-fed antenna. With an optional LDG balun, you can also use longwires or antennas fed with ladder-line.

Control from the front panel is simple and straightforward; just press Tune while transmitting a carrier, and the AT-100Pro will begin an automatic tuning cycle. With the interface, a single button-press transmits a carrier, executes a tuning cycle and returns the radio to its original power and mode. Two year transferable limited mfg. warranty.

* Continuous coverage 1.8 to 54 MHz
* Power rating HF (1.8 to 30 MHz): 0.1 to 125 watts
* Easy to read LED bargraph display for RF power, SWR and status.
* Over 4200 memories for instantaneous band changing.
* Tuning time: 0.5 to 6 seconds, 2 seconds average
* Tunes 6 to 1000 ohm loads (16 to 150 on 6M).
* Two position antenna switch. Separate memories for each antenna.
* For Dipoles, Verticals, Vs, Beams or Coax Fed Antenna.
* Optimized, low power consumption tuning algorithm
* Power requirements: 11 to 16 volts DC at 500 mA Max (user supplies power source)
* Enclosure: 7.5” x 5.5” x 2.0”. Weight: 1.5 pounds.

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