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SGC SG-211
(SGC #54-26)


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Discontinued Amateur Antenna Tuners 



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The SGC SG-211 MiniSmartuner™ is an automatic microprocessor QRP antenna coupler with no hassle operation. There is no need for a tune button or any other external control and it works with any transceiver and most antennas. It has a naturally balanced antenna output as well as an unbalanced output to allow you to use the antenna that best meets your needs.

Unlike some competing tuners with a limited tuning range of 6-800 Ohms, the SG-211 features a tuning range from .3 to 6000 Ohms. This gives you flexibility when choosing or erecting an antenna. The MiniSmartuner is incredibly simple to use. Connect RF from your transceiver, connect your antenna, and you are on the air! No power connections, no control cables, nothing external is necessary. The SG-211 makes operating fun! The SG-211 will operate up to five years with the AA cells that come installed. Click here to view back panel.

Dimensions:  4.7 x 1.55 x 8.7 inches.

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