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Miracle Ducker PL
QRP Portable Tuner


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  Miracle Ducker

The Miracle Ducker PL is a portable QRP antenna tuner that will take rubber, ducks, random wires, coax ... almost anything!

Like the original Miracle Whip, this device is designed for QRP (maximum of 25 watts SSB or 10 watts CW). As you would guess, the Ducker is a perfect marriage with the Yaesu FT-817 or Yaesu FT-817ND. And it can add up to 30dB gain on receive. Input is BNC female. Output is PL-259 for direct connection to your radio. It tunes random wires, balanced lines and coax over a wide frequency range. Utilizes a genuine C-VAT transformer. Three year limited manufacturer's warranty. Made in Canada.

   Please also see the Miracle Ducker TL that additionally includes a BNC telescopic whip antenna.

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