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(SGC #54-19)


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SGC SG-237

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The SGC SG-237 PCB printed circuit board (PCB) tuner as shown above is available for retrofit in existing radios or to be used in special projects where a small microprocessor antenna coupler will enhance performance. The PCB is available fully tested and ready for your application. This antenna coupler handles up to 100 watts in the range of 1.8 to 60 MHz. Minimum antenna length of 9 feet is required for 3.5 to 60 MHz. A minimum length of 23 feet is required for 1.8 to 60 MHz. Power input is 3 to 100 watts.

This printed circuit board device is only 5.5 x 6 x 1.2 inches. It requires 13.8 VDC at 300 mA. Please note that SGC classifies this item as a project board and therefore it only has a 30 day limited warranty. Click here for larger image.

Please note that this SGC #54-19 configuration does not include an enclosure. See SG-237 for version with enclosure.

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