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Ameritron ATR-30
HF Tuner

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The ATR-30 is Ameritron's own True Legal Limit™ Antenna Tuner allows operation at sustained true RF output levels of over 1500 Watts continuous carrier into most load impedances. It also handles 3000 Watts continuous SSB, CW duty even on 160 Meters where most other antenna tuners fail. Ameritron's new High-Q, high-current, edge-wound silver plated roller inductor and high tuning capacitance (500 pf), gives true high power performance. It covers 1.8 to 30 MHz, including all MARS and WARC bands.

The ATR-30 uses a roller inductor T-matching network. It can match nearly any antenna using either coax or balanced feedlines. Look inside . . . a super heavy duty capacitor and large roller inductor is used in ham radio's most powerful antenna tuner.

Over 500 pf capacitance gives true high power performance even on 160 Meters where most other tuners fail. Its powerful arc-free roller inductor is edge wound and silver plated. It can handle extreme voltages and currents without arcing or heating.

Ameritron's illuminated Cross-Needle true Peak-Reading SWR/Wattmeter measures peak or average forward and reflected power plus SWR. Has an electronic circuit that allows accurate peak power to be measured. An optional external 12 VDC or an internal 9 volt battery is required. 3000/300 Watt ranges.

The ATR-30 is loaded with features like a 3 core choke balun, 6 position antenna switch, 6:1 vernier reduction drives and more! Click here to view larger.

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