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The LDG RT-11 is not just an AT-11 or MP tuner thrown in a water resistant case. The circuit board was completely re-designed with a smaller size in mind. The heart of the RT-11 is a 68HC11 microprocessor which performs hundreds of quick tests to determine the correct combination of capacitors and inductors to load your antenna system. Tuning is performed in 1 to 5 seconds with 3 being the average. The tuner can handle 1 to 125 watts of RF power over the range of 1.8-54 MHz. Yes, it covers 6 meters.

The RT-11 can be used nearly anywhere. The ABS plastic water resistant case can be mounted on a tower, in a boat or car, outside the window of your shack, in your attic ... almost anywhere. The case has two flange mounting brackets to facilitate ease of mounting. Since the unit is RF sensing, it will tune when it senses a band change (high SWR), thus it will operate with any HF radio. The RT-11 interfaces directly to Icom and Alinco radio tune buttons via an optional cable. An added feature of the RT-11 is it can tune 6 meters, provided the antenna you are loading is 3:1 or less.

In normal HF operation, the RT-11 will load a coax fed antenna system with an SWR or 10:1 or less. If you use long wire, random length, Zepp, or other unbalanced antenna systems, the RBA 4:1 4:1 Balun that works nicely with the RT-11. If you are considering an autotuner for use inside your shack, you might consider purchasing an AT-11MP. Another option would be to use the RT-11 with our optional Remote Control. The remote control has Power On and SWR Status LEDs, Auto / Semi Auto push button, manual tune and bypass buttons. The remote control will mount under your shelf, dashboard, by the helm, etc. It gives you an added measure of control over the RT-11. If shack space is a premium, the remote could mount nicely under a shelf while the RT-11 enjoys a spot on the carpet behind your desk.

Due to the ruggedness of the case and smaller size, the RT-11 is a fine choice for the Ham on the go, either in the car, RV, boat, or between winter and summer residences. This tuner requires 11-14 VDC at 15 to 500 mA (250 mA average). Enclosure size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 3 inches 2.5 pounds.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  RT11 Rem RT HEAD ASM Remote head for RT-11 (assembled). Discontinued
    RT-AL Interface cable for Alinco Discontinued
    RT-IC Interface cable for ICOM Discontinued
  (LDG AL IC1) AL IC1 Interface cable for Alinco DX70 and DX77 10 foot.
Now with AC1.
  LDG IC1 ICOM IC1 Interface cable for Icom 10 foot with AC1. Discontinued
    ICOM IC2 Interface cable for Icom   8 inch with AC1. Discontinued
  LDG KOTT K-OTT Kenwood TS-50S One-Touch-Tune Interface (assembled).
    Y-ACC Interface cable for Yaesu Discontinued
  LDG YOTT Y-OTT Yaesu One-Touch-Tune Interface.
For FT-100D, FT-817, FT-857 and FT-897.
   RBA-1 RBA 4:1 Balun 4:1 (assembled).
1.8-30 MHz 200 watts. INFO
[Formerly called RBA-1]

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