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The MFJ-998 IntelliTuner™ can handle the full legal limit 1500 watts and takes you to the final level in automatic antenna tuners. With a capability of 1500 watts SSB and CW, coupled with automatic tuning, your high-power station can now operate essentially hands-free even when frequency and band changes are made. The MFJ-998 instantly matches impedances from 12-1600 ohms using MFJ's exclusive IntelliTune™, AdaptiveSearch™ and InstantReca™ algorithms with over 20,000 VirtualAntenna™ Memories. When you key your transmitter, MFJ's InstantRecall™ checks to see if that frequency has been used before. If so, tuning is instantaneous. If not, MFJ's IntelliTune™ algorithm (based on MFJ's efficient SWR Analyzer technology) measures the impedance, snaps the necessary components in place, and then fine-tunes the SWR. If the antenna impedance is outside the tuner's measurement range, MFJ's Adaptive Search™ algorithm measures the frequency and determines only relevant component values -- which are then searched for fast tuning. The MFJ-998 also includes MFJ’s Amplifier Bypass Control™ -- an MFJ exclusive feature! When used with a transceiver interface cable, tuning is safe and "stupid-proof"! When a tuning cycle is initiated, the MFJ- 998 first bypasses any in-line amplifier. Next, the MFJ-998 initiates a low-power CW tuning carrier from your transceiver. When tuning is complete, the MFJ-998 reverts your transceiver to its prior power and mode, and re-enables the amplifier. This entire cycle typically takes less than a second! Finally, if the MFJ-998 cannot find a match better than a pre-set amplifier SWR trippoint, the amplifier stays bypassed to provide automatic SWR protection for your amplifier.

A large analog Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter displays selectable 300/60 watt or 3000/600 watt forward/reflected full-scale ranges. You can even select automatic power ranging -- the best power range is automatically selected for you. A two-line, 16-character backlit LCD meter displays SWR, forward/reflected power, frequency, antenna selected, an autoranging bargraph power indication, and much more. You can even read the final matching inductor and capacitor values should you want to build your own fixed matching network. Simple menus determine displayed information - no complex button combinations to remember!

MFJ new VirtualAntenna™ Memory system gives you 4 antenna memory banks for each of 2 switchable antenna connectors. Select up to 4 antennas on each antenna connector. Each antenna has 2500 memories, 20,000 total. Has two coax connectors and a binding post for end-fed long wire antennas.

You can even download and upgrade remotely. The 998 has field upgradeable firmware via the serial port -- download so you can upgrade your MFJ-998 as new features are introduced! This tuner requires 12-15 VDC at 1.3 Amps.

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#4973 MFJ-5114I Interface cable Icom to MFJ-998. $19.95
#4974 MFJ-5114K Interface cable Kenwood to MFJ-998. $19.95
#4975 MFJ-5114Y Interface cable Yaesu to MFJ-998. $19.95

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