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LDG Z-11Pro2
Antenna Tuner

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LDG Z11pro2

The LDG Z-11 Pro2 follows the successful Z-11 and Z-11Pro. This series of tuners has as accompanied adventurous hams to their backyards, and to the ends of the earth. The Z11Pro2 is portable tuner designed from the ground up for battery operation. And it operates on a lower voltage than its predecessor for longer operation in the field. Only 5" x 7.7" x 1.5", and weighing only 1.5 pounds, it handles 0.1 to 125 watts, making it ideal for both QRP and standard 100 watt transceivers from 160 - 6 meters.

The Z-11Pro2 uses LDG’s state-of-the-art processor-controlled Switched-L tuning network. It will match dipoles, verticals, inverted-Vs or virtually any coax-fed antenna. With an optional LDG balun, it will also match long wires or antennas fed with ladder-line.

The Z-11Pro2 has 8,000 memories in LDG's exclusive "3-D Memory" array, automatically storing tuning configurations for each frequency and band as you use them, for each of four antennas on the single RF port. Frequency sensing circuitry lets the Z-11Pro “know” your operating band and frequency. Whenever you transmit on or near a frequency you have used before, the Z-11Pro retunes from memory almost instantly (even in SSB!). Memories are retained indefinitely. Rugged and easy-to-read LEDs indicate SWR and status. The Z-11Pro uses latching relays which retain the tuned configuration even when powered down; current draw when not tuning is effectively zero.

Control from the front panel is simple and straightforward; just press Tune while transmitting, and the Z-11Pro will begin a tuning cycle. The Z-11Pro will even tune while you talk on AM or SSB. Input and output is via SO-239 jacks on the rear panel. All LDG products come with a two-year transferable warranty. Radio cables are not included (see below).

0.1 to 125 watt power range (SSB and CW), 100W on 6M.
8000 3-D memories for instantaneous band changing.
Tuning time: 0.1 to 6 seconds full tune, 0.1 seconds memory tune.
Selectable user parameters: Auto/Semi, threshold, and more.
1.8 to 54.0 MHz coverage. Built-in frequency sensor.
Tunes 6 to 1000 ohm loads (16 to 150 on 6M), 6 to 4000 ohms with optional 4:1 Balun.
For Dipoles, Verticals, Vs, Beams or and Coax Fed Antenna.
Optional external Balun allows tuning of random length, long wire or ladder line fed antennas.
Power requirements: 6 to 16 volts DC at 300 mA Max. 25 uA standby current.
Cell holder for user installable 4 x AA or 4 x AAA (not supplied).
Small enclosure: 7.7” x 5.0” x 1.5”. Weight: 1.5 pounds

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