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LDG IC-2000
Interface Cable

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  LDG IC-2000

The LDG IC-2000 is a 12 inch interface cable that provides control signals between the FT-2000/2000D transceiver and the LDG autotuner. This cable does not supply power to the tuner. Pressing the TUNE button on the tuner changes the mode of the radio to CW, tunes, then returns the radio to the previous mode. This cable features an inline resistor that protects the tuner and radio from accidentally plugging into the wrong jack on the FT-2000.

Supported Tuners:
Z-100(Plus), Z-11Pro(II), AT-100Pro(II), AT-200Pro and other generic LDG tuners.

Supported Radios:
FT-2000, FT-2000D

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