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Yaesu FC-102
Antenna Tuner


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Yaesu FC102 Tuner

The Yaesu FC-102 Antenna Tuner is designed for the FT-102. It can handle up to 1.2 kW on the 160 to 10 meter ham bands. It has a wattmeter with three ranges:  20/200/1200 watts. It additionally has a separate SWR meter. Front panel switches are available to select from two inputs and also to select two antenna outputs. There are four more antenna selection switches which will operate if the optional Yaesu FAS-1-4R Remote Antenna Selector is added. The rear panel features SO-239 input and output jacks.

* Coverage:  1.8 to 30 MHz Amateur Bands
* Power rating:  1200 Watts PEP
* Meters:  Watt Meter and SWR Meter
* Insertion Loss:  <0.5 dB
* Antenna matching impedance:  10 to 250 Ohms 3.5-28 MHz Bands
* Size: 9.5 x 5 x 12.1 inches 11 lbs. (240x129x309mm 5kg)

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  FAS-1-4R Remote Antenna Selector. INFO Discontinued

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