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  LDG AT11

The LDG AT-11 automatic antenna tuner takes advantage of a modern microprocessor and merges it with an old network design that has been around for many years. The 68HC11microprocessor improves the L network implementation by automatically analyzing the SWR and adjusting discrete components at speeds much faster than can be accomplished manually. The tuner fits onto a 6 x 8 inch PC board and can handle 150 watts continuous, matching most unbalanced antennas from 80 to 10 meters and some on 160. The tuner makes a great addition to the ham shack with any 5 to 150 watt HF transceiver (the AT-11 does not require band or frequency data from the radio). The power requirements is 11 to 14 volts (15 to 500 mA, 250 average). The power range is 5 to 150 watts and it can tune 6 to 800 ohm loads. An optional external Balun allows the AT-11 to tune long wire, random length, and most other antenna systems.

The enclosures are made by Ten-Tec. The enclosure is all aluminum and is texture painted with a black top and beige front and back panels. The panels are laid out similarly to the prototypes shown in the QST article and have the silk screened labels painted on.

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