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Nye Viking

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Nye Viking MB-V

The rugged Nye Viking MB-V 3 kilo-watt HF antenna tuner features a heavy-duty silver-plated variable inductor with a 25:1 vernier dial, 7,000 volt variable capacitor and 15,000 volt switch selected capacitors. The frequency range is 1.8 to 30 MHz continuously. Dual-metering provides for hands free SWR monitoring. The backlit dual meters show SWR and power continuously. You get push button antenna switching from the front panel. The rear panel has inputs for 4 antennas (2 coax, single wire and twin lead). There is a tuner bypass position for the coax antenna input.

The 3kW balun is trifilar-wound, triple core torroid with balanced output to twin feeders from 200 to 1000 ohms unbalanced output down to 20 ohms. Outputs are provided for two coaxial cables, one single wire and one balanced line. The extra heavy gauge aluminum cabinet provides effective shielding. 14.7 x 6.7 x 12.25 (WHD) inches. 18 lbs. net.

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