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VersaTuner V

HF Antenna Tuner


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This famous MFJ-989B VersaTuner V covers 1.8 to 30 MHz, including MARS and the WARC bands. Capacity is up to 3 KW. The tuner features two massive transmitting capacitors and a roller inductor with a three digit counter. A roller inductor lets you tune your SWR down to the absolute minimum--something a tapped inductor tuner just can't do. A 3 digit turns counter plus a spinner knob gives you precise inductance control

You get a antenna switch with extra large switch contacts to eliminate plugging and unplugging antennas. It lets you select two coax antennas direct or through the tuner, balanced line or random wire and dummy load. Plus you get a built-in 50 ohm 300 watt dummy load that makes exciter tuning fast and easy.

Frequency range is 1.8 to 30 MHz. The peak and average reading cross-needle SWR/power meter has forward power ranges of 200 and 2,000 watts. The back panel has outputs for two coaxial cables, one wire or balanced line and dummy load are provided. The illuminated meter with on/off switch. There is a 2.5mm DC jack on the rear panel for 12 VDC if illumination is desired.

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