Drake MN-2700
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Drake MN-2700

The Drake MN-2700 is a precision instrument providing RF radiation control and measurement for your communication system. The MN-2700 covers 160 through 10 meters. It matches antennas fed with coax, balanced line, or random wire. For balanced line please use the optional Drake B-1000 balun which mounts on the rear panel of the MN-2700. Front panel controls allow for adjustment of resistive and reactive tuning, antenna switching (with by-pass), band switching, VSWR calibration and selection of watts or VSWR functions of the meter. This device can handle 2000 watts PEP, 1000 watts average. The meter is calibrated to 200 and 2000 watts. 13.09 x 4.53 x 8.5 inches. 11 lbs.

The MN-2700 matches the TR-7 series.

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