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Hy Power
QRP Dipoles

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Hy Power
QRP Dipoles

Hy Power LD2020Q

Hy Power QRP Dipoles are rated at 150 watts (not 1500!). But 150 watts is more than enough capacity if you are running 100 watts or less, like most hams! The standard models are made with 16 gauge insulated wire and use Hy-Power quality parts including stainless steel hardware, SO-239 type center insulator and two end insulators. They are available in a full sized (no coils), shortened or multiband configurations. They are compact and lightweight for portable field operation or permanent base installation. Each antenna is completely assembled and ready to install. Just add your coax cable and rope. The LD2020Q loaded dipole for 20 meters is shown above. Please also view Hy Power QRP micro dipoles.

Running more power? Universal also carries the full power standard dipoles.

Model Dipole Type Band Length Order # Your Price Order
FSDP40Q QRP Full sized 40 Meters 70 feet (22m) Not in stock
FSDP30Q QRP Full sized 30 Meters 48 feet (15m) Not in stock
FSDP20Q QRP Full sized 20 Meters 35 feet (11m) Not in stock
FSDP17Q QRP Full sized 17 Meters 26 feet (  8m) Not in stock
FSDP15Q QRP Full sized 15 Meters 23 feet (  7m) Not in stock
FSDP10Q QRP Full sized 10 Meters 17 feet (  6m) Not in stock
FSDP  6Q QRP Full sized 6 Meters 10 feet (  3m) Not in stock
LD8052Q QRP Shortened 80 Meters 52 feet (16m) Not in stock
LD4030Q QRP Shortened 40 Meters 30 feet (  9m) Not in stock
LD3017Q QRP Shortened 30 Meters 17 feet (  5m) Not in stock
LD2020Q QRP Shortened 20 Meters 20 feet (  6m) Not in stock
LD2012Q QRP Very Shortened 20 Meters 12 feet (  4m) Not in stock
LD1512Q QRP Very Shortened 15 Meters 12 feet (  4m) #4626   $  34.98 Order
2B2040LQ QRP Multiband 20 & 40 Meters 44 feet (13m) Not in stock
2B1040Q QRP Multiband 10 & 40 Meters 31 feet (10m) Not in stock
2B1520Q QRP Multiband 15 & 20 Meters 29 feet (  9m) Not in stock

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