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Icom AH-710
Dipole Antenna

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The Icom AH-710 preassembled multi-band, folded dipole was designed to get IC-718 owners on the air fast. This antenna covers all the amateur bands from 1.9 to 30 MHz [VSWR < 2:1 1.9-18 MHz, VSWR < 2.5:1 18-30 MHz]. It is 80.3 feet (24 m) long and can handle up to 150 watts. The AH-710 can be installed as a Flat Top or an Inverted V, as shown above.

The AH-710 comes with 98 feet (30 m) of 5D2V coaxial lead in. This lead has a PL-259 at each end. One end plugs into the SO-239 center-feed of the antenna and the other end to your radio. Icom also includes 32.8 feet (10m) of white nylon support rope. One foot (30 cm) of auto bonding waterproof tape is also supplied.

The support poles shown above are not provided.

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