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The Par EF-20/40 is an extension of the popular monoband EndFedz series. This QRP antenna uses a broadband matching network and a dual frequency half wave radiator. On 20 meters the radiator functions as a full length half wave. On 40 meters it functions as an inductively shortened half wave. The overall length is 39 feet. Maximum continuous power is 25 watts.

The EF-20/40 comes complete with machined end insualtor, radiator, matchbox/end insulator (terminating in a silver-teflon SO-239), loading coil and radiators. The radiator is #18 stranded copper clad with a high density black polyethylene jacket. This jacket is very slippery and tough- far superior to vinyl jackets found on less expensive antenna wire. The 40 meter tip above the inductive load may be shortened (or replaced) for 20/30 meter use.

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