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Dipole Antennas

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NI8F HF Dipole Antennas

The NI8F dipole antennas are preassembled for operation in the lower CW portion of the band. The connection at the end insulators has been left un-soldered so that you may easily adjust the antenna for lowest SWR in the portion of the band in which you wish to operate. Please refer to the supplied chart for these adjustments. When you have the antenna adjusted for your operation, wrap the excess wire at each end insulator securely about the antenna wire and solder. Do not cut the excess wire off as you may need it for future tuning. Any good quality 50 Ohm coax cable may be used for the feed line. It is suggested that a good weather-proofing agent such as COAX-SEAL be used at the coax connection to the center insulator.

These dipole antennas feature a Budwig center insulator.

Model Band Length Order # Your Price Order
Dipole 10 10 Meters 17 feet #3062 Discontinued
Dipole 15 15 Meters 23 feet #0891 Discontinued
Dipole 20 20 Meters 34 feet #0793 Discontinued
Dipole 40 40 Meters 67 feet #0724 Discontinued
Dipole 80 80 Meters 132 feet #0643 Discontinued

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