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Van Gorden G5RV-MB
Dipole Antenna

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The Van Gorden G5RV-MB Multi-Band dipole provides operation in all the amateur bands from 3.5 to 30 MHz (except 30 meters). The antenna is constructed of 102 feet of heavy #14 (7/22) stranded hard drawn copper antenna wire and is center fed. It includes a center insulator with eye hook.

The height for maximum efficiency is at one full wavelength above ground on the lowest frequency for which the antenna is to be used. But this is hard to achieve in most installations, so erect it as high as practical with the 300 ohm feedline dropping down vertically towards the ground before bringing it away an angle or parallel to the ground. This will reduce coupling. The supplied transformer includes RG 8X coax. You must supply and install your own PL-259 plug.

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