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Dipole Antenna

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The MFJ-17758 is a two band, 80 and 40 Meter center-fed dipole antenna capable of handling 1500 watts. Its total length is 85 feet. Each side of the dipole is broken up by a coil that presents a high impedance at 40 meters and acts as a loading coil on 80 meters, allowing the antenna to resonate on 80 meters even though it is physically shorter than a half-wavelength (approximately 130 feet at 3.7 MHz).

Because this antenna acts as a dipole on both bands its impedance is around 50 to 70 ohms, permitting it to be fed with coaxial cable. The use of a current balun between the coaxial feedline and the antenna is highly recommended, to help prevent stray RF from traveling down the coaxial cable’s outer shield. This is easily accomplished with a 1:1 inline balun and a “double male” coaxial connector.

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