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The Princeton G5RV antennas are constructed with #14 stranded, hard drawn copper wire. It consists of a flat top plus a section of 450 ohm ladder line. In this instance, the ladder line is an active part of the antenna and radiates RF. Because of this, it must be fully extended and can not contact the earth or run parallel to metallic objects. Coax (not included) is attached at the end of the ladder line. A broad range automatic tuner such as those made by LDG will provide an excellent match to modern transceivers.

Model Bands Power PEP Flat Top Ladder Line Order # Your Price Order
G5RV 80-10 Meters 1500 watts 102 Feet 34 feet #5118 $59.95
G5RV-Jr 40-10 Meters 1500 watts 51 Feet 17 Feet #5153 $54.95
G5RV-Mini 20-10 Meters 1500 watts 26 Feet 8 Feet #5154 $52.95

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