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The Miracle Antenna Mixed-Mode dipoles provide all the capability of a full-sized dipole with half the hassle! All models will cover main band without a tuner and other bands with a conventional tuner. All models are ready-to-go with a 16 foot feed line and mil-spec BNC connector attached. Suggest power limit is 50 watts. (MMD-80 has slightly different appearance). Please also see the line of Miracle SWL MMD antennas.

Model Band Power Length Order # Your Price Order
MMD-10 10 Meters 50W 16 Feet   Discontinued
MMD-15 15 Meters 50W 22 Feet   Discontinued
MMD-17 17 Meters 50W 25 Feet   Discontinued
MMD-20 20 Meters 50W 32 Feet   Discontinued
MMD-30 30 Meters 50W 46 Feet   Discontinued
MMD-40 40 Meters 50W 66 Feet   Discontinued
MMD-80 80 Meters 50W 128 Feet   Discontinued

Order # Item Description Your Price Order
#2124 BNCF-PL259 BNC female to PL259 RF Adapter VIEW   $  4.95 Order

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