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The classic Windom antenna is an off-center-feed dipole that, by design, operates on its frequency of resonance and harmonically related frequencies. It is extremely efficient and highly regarded by QRP operators. The addition of a high quality tuner such as those by LDG will ensure a good match to all modern transceivers. The antenna is made with Flex-Weave black jacketed antenna wire and 4:1 balun. Maximum power is 200 watts PEP. The PRI 80WIN 80 meter antenna is shown above.

Model Band Power Length Side Dimensions Order # Your Price Order
PRI   40WIN   40 Meters 200 watts 66 Feet 25 x 41 feet #5692 $119.95
PRI   80WIN   80 Meters 200 watts 131 Feet 50 x 81 feet #4991 $149.95
PRI 160WIN 160 Meters 200 watts 246 Feet 92 x 154 feet #5115 $169.98

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