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Hy Power
QRP Micro Dipoles

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Hy Power
QRP Micro Dipoles

Hy Power FSDP15QM

Hy Power QRP Micro Dipoles are ready to hit the trail with you. These are full length dipoles, but are constructed to fit in your pocket! The center connection is a banana jack to BNC adaptor. The compact end insulators are made from 3/8" round fiberglass. These antennas are not meant to be used in a permanent installation. Absolutely great for back packers. They can handle up to 250 watts. FSDP15QM shown above.

Model Dipole Type Band Length Order # Your Price Order
FSDP40QM Micro QRP Full length 40 Meters 70 feet (22m) Not in stock
FSDP30QM Micro QRP Full length 30 Meters 48 feet (15m) Not in stock
FSDP20QM Micro QRP Full length 20 Meters 35 feet (11m) Not in stock
FSDP17QM Micro QRP Full length 17 Meters 26 feet (  8m) Not in stock
FSDP15QM Micro QRP Full length 15 Meters 23 feet (  7m) Not in stock
FSDP12QM Micro QRP Full length 12 Meters 20 feet (  7m) Not in stock
FSDP10QM Micro QRP Full length 10 Meters 17 feet (  6m) Not in stock
FSDP  6QM Micro QRP Full length 6 Meters 10 feet (  3m) Not in stock

Click here to view the Hy Power BL-HF-250-M Micro Balun.

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