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Hy Power

QRP H.F. Balun

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Hy Power BL-HF-250-M

The Hy Power BL-HF-250-M micro is a QRP 1:1 current/choke balun for 160 through 6 meters. This efficient balun uses low permeability, less lossy ferrite than most other baluns. Less loss means less heat on the ferrite material, less chance for balun failure and more power delivered to the antenna. The power handling capability of this choke is conservatively rated at 250 watts from 160 to 6 meters. It has a peak rating of 300 watts. These ratings are good up to a 2:1 SWR. It features a BNC jack. The balun enclosure is only 3 x 2 x 1" so it won't take up much room in your backpack on your next QRP DXpedition.

(No tools needed to replace the default BNC / Banana connection on QRP Micro dipoles).

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