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Heil Quiet Phones

The Heil 'Quiet Phones' were a huge hit at Hamvention 2003. This unique technology uses two small mics placed deep inside the headphones that listen to the outside as well as the program 'noise'. Wired out of phase and feeding the in-line differential amplifier powered by a single AA cell - everything below 400 Hz is gone. Blower noise, ambient noise, TV in the next room or - most importantly the second and third operator in the multi station. Truly a magnificent step forward in the radio headphones. With 1/8 inch mini stereo headphone connector in a right angle plug so it can be plugged into the arm of an airplane seat or easily into and CD or MP3 player. What a magnificent thing in the aircraft! You finally can hear the words of the movie or listen to your CD player without all of the jet engine noise. There is a slide switch on the left earpiece to turn the noise cancellation on or off. A green LED above the switch indicates it is on. Adjustable head band and very comfortable leatherette padded earpads are featured.

Heil provides a mini stereo to 1/4 inch stereo adapter plug. Operates on a single AA cell (not included) for 30 hours providing clean high fidelity dual channel sound - with or without the active noise cancellation. Click here to view larger image. Heil now offers an optional carry bag.

Safety Reminder:  It is dangerous and illegal to listen to music while driving. Loud volumes for sustained periods may damage your hearing.

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