Heil HC-6
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Heil HC-6

The Heil HC-6 element combines the full-SSB-bandwidth of the HC-5 element with almost as much articulation as the HC-4 "DX Dream Machine" element, resulting in a transmitted envelope that is, at once, full of bottom-end fidelity but with lots of "brightness" on the high-frequency side. Consonant sounds have lots of "punch" for DX pile-ups, yet the richness of the dynamic element's full range sounds wonderful during a rag chew.

Heil crafted the HC-6 as a response to the evolution of today's rigs. Many transceivers today have DSP-based adjustment capability that includes bandwidth selections and frequency equalization. The low-frequency expansion downward provides greater maximum fidelity for those occasions when it is needed, while the +8 dB rise around 2500 Hz places this peak in response right where scientists at Bell Labs discovered, over 75 years ago, that human hearing at low levels is most sensitive. Thus, when conditions are difficult, concentrating transmitter energy in this upper frequency range helps get the operator's callsign and other information through most efficiently.

Other specifications include:
Impedance: 800 Ohms @ 1 kHz
Dimensions: .750 diameter
Sensitivity: - 60 dB.
Like other Heil Sound dynamic elements, the HC-6 is designed to be close talked (within 1-2 inches). The HC-6 first appeared in the MB-1-6 boom for the Quiet Phone Pro boomset.

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