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Yaesu FT3DR
2m/440 MHz

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Yaesu FT3D

  • Bluetooth® Built-in
  • GPS Built-In
  • Digital Group Monitor Function
  • Smart Navigation
  • GSM (Group Short Message)
  • Snapshot Function (with optional MH-85A11U)
  • Wideband Receive Including HF!

The new Yaesu FT3DR is the worthy successor to the FT1DR and FT2DR. It provides reliable 5W RF power output in compact design and light weight form factor (2.44 x 3.94 x 1.28 inches). Battery power-saving settings are available for each frequency band with TX output power level (5/2.5/1/0.3 Watts) individually selectable. Even with the compact body, you will enjoy loud and clear C4FM voice quality from 700mW of audio power. Real Dual Band Operations (V+V, U+U, V+U, U+V) are available with two independent receivers. And the FT3DR supports simultaneous C4FM digital monitoring for both the A and B bands (C4FM/C4FM standby).

The FT3DR is designed with a crisp high-resolution 320 x 240 dot matrix full color TFT LCD display which clearly highlights the frequency of the operational bands. Utilizing the Touch Sensitive Screen function of the display, three one-touch-panel keys at the bottom of the display are used for changing the mode, direct frequency entry and various setting from the function menu display with ease of use in mind. With its highly visible full color display, the new high-resolution Band Scope function enables users to monitor up to 79 channels centered around the current VFO frequency in real time. Number of channels scanned is selectable from 19, 39 or 79 channels. The already popular Automatic Mode Select (AMS), Digital Group ID (DG-ID) operation, and Smart Navigation function are continued with the new FT3DR.

The FT3DR fully supports the WiRES-X Portable Digital Node Function as well. In the same way as some other current C4FM transceivers, users can easily set up a portable digital node with the new FT3DR and the optional SCU-39 cable kit and enjoy the WiRES-X Internet communication.

CAM (Club Channel Activity Monitor) function is one of the new advanced features of the FT3DR. Up to 10 groups with 5 channels per group each, of frequency used memory channels can be registered, and whist receiving on the current channel, the signal strength of this channel and past peaks of the other channels in the group can be displayed and monitored. With a single touch of a channel bar graph, it becomes the active operating channel and the FT3DR users may immediately start communicating with other club members on that channel.

The built-in Bluetooth® unit can provide the Hands-Free Operation using the optional SSM-BT10 headset or a commercially available products. SSM-BT10 is equipped with the PTT button and supports the voice activated transmission (VOX) function.

Other refinements include: Wide-range receive coverage with reception from 0.5MHz 999.99MHz [less cellular] (A Band)/ 108MHz 580MHz (B Band). Built-in high-sensitivity 66 channel GPS receiver: 1200/9600bps APRS Data modem: 2200 mAh High-Capacity Li-ion Battery Pack (SBR-14LI) as standard: Voice Recording Function for the received and transmitting voice and audio data which can be saved as an audio file on the micro SD card: simultaneous AM/FM broadcast Reception while monitoring two frequency channels: micro SD Card Slot.

This radio comes with conventional YHA-72 SMA flexible antenna, belt clip, USB cable (not for programming), SBR-14LI Li-ion 2200 mAh high capacity battery and SAD-25B AC wall charger. Click here for specifications.
APRS® us a registered trademark of Bob Buruninga, WBAPR. SmartBeaconing™ from HamHUD Nichetronix.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  CD-41 CD-41 Rapid Charging cradle (requires SAD-14B, SAD-18B or SAD-25B). Not in stock
  CT44 CT-44 Two pin mic adapter. Not in stock
  CT-168 CT-168 Clone cable. Not in stock
#6446 CT-169 CT-169 Data Cable cable (Dsub 9pin). $45.00 $30.98 Order
#6067 CT-170 CT-170 Data Cable cable (mini I/O 11pin-2.5mm). $30.00 $19.98 Order
#6069 CT-176 CT-176 Data cable. $25.00 $17.98 Order
  EDC6 EDC-6 DC Cable only. Not in stock
  FBA39 FBA-39 Cell Holder (3 x AA). Not in stock
  FNB101 FNB-101LI Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7V 1100 mAh Not in stock
  MH34B4B MH-34B4B Speaker Mic. Replaced by the SSM-17A. See below. Discontinued
  MH85A11U MH-85A11U Microphone with Snap Shot camera (320-240). INFO Not in stock
#4624 SAD25 SAD-25B AC wall slow charger [as currently supplied]. $30.00 $21.98 Order
  SBR14LI SBR-14LI Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7V 2200 mAh Not in stock
  SCU-39 SCU-39 WiRES-X Cable kit. INFO Not in stock
  EBC5B SDD-13 Cigarette plug DC cable with noise filtration. INFO Not in stock
  SHB13 SHB-13 Deluxe spring loaded belt clip (for FNB101LI, FNB102LI). INFO Not in stock
  SHC-23 SHC-34 Soft Carry Case. Not in stock
  SSM-17A SSM-17A Compact speaker microphone. Replaced the MH-34B4B. VIEW Not in stock
  SSM-57A SSM-57A Compact lapel mic with earphone. VIEW Not in stock
  SSM63A SSM-63A VOX Single Ear Boomset. INFO Not in stock
  SSMBT10 SSM-BT10 Bluetooth single ear headset. Not in stock
  YPS-FT3D-U YPS-FT3D-U RT Systems Windows programming software license key.
User must supply SCU-18, SCU-19, USB-68 or 4 Gb MicroSD card.
For Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 or 64 bit).    INFO
Not in stock
  YPS-FT3D-USB YPS-FT3D-USB RT Systems Windows programming software CD with USB-68 USB cable.     Discontinued
#5883 Go Bag GO BAG This insulated carry case will hold your HT, batteries, accessories,
Repeater Directory and more. INFO
  SMABNC SMA-BNC RF adapter to connect a BNC type antenna to the SMA antenna jack. Discontinued


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