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Icom IC-V85
144 MHz HT


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  Icom IC-V85

  • 107 Memories
  • Wideband Receive
  • Three RF Levels 7/4/0.5W
  • Encode/Decode Built In
  • Optional Pager/DTMF Decode (UT-108)
  • Pager Function Option
  • Ergonomic Controls

The Icom IC-V85 offers sophisticated 2 meter performance in a stylish package. Enjoy up to 7 watts of output. Extended receive is 136 to 174 MHz. Enjoy built-in CTCSS/DTCS Encode and Decode. 107 memory channels are featured including 6 scan edge and 1 call. Multiple scan types are available. There are also 16 DTMF memory channels. Other enhancements include:  weather channel alert (USA version), backlit alpha display, backlit keypad, repeater lock-out, auto-repeater function, time-out timer and auto power off. There is also a cool pager function available when the optional UT-108 is installed. The V85 has easy to use controls and impressive specifications.

The Icom IC-V85 comes with:  BC-167A slow wall charger, BP-227 Lithium Ion Battery Pack (7.2 VDC 1700 mAh), belt clip, BNC flexible antenna, wrist strap and Owner's Manual and Radio Terms Manual.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#3268 AD-100 AD-100 Charger cup adapter for BC-119N-01 As supplied with BC-119N-51. $27.00 $6.98 Order
  BC119N BC-119N-51 Desk top drop-in, 2.5 hour rapid charger when using a BP-227 (not BP-226). Includes AD-100. Discontinued
  Icom BC167A BC-167A Slow (12 hour) wall charger when using a BP-227. Discontinued
  Icom BC167A BC-167NA Slow (12 hour) wall charger when using a BP-227. Discontinued
     BC-167SA Slow (12 hour) wall charger when using a BP-227. Discontinued
#0617 BP226 BP-226 Battery Case (holds 5 x AA cells, not supplied) $45.00 $31.98 Order
  BP227 BP-227 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.2 VDC 1700 mAh Discontinued
  CP19 CP-19R Cigar Plug power cord, voltage converter with filtration. Discontinued
#3135   CS-V85 PC memory cloning software CD (requires OPC-478/478U/478UC not included). $46.00 $19.98 Order
  HM75A HM-  75A Speaker mic allows you to remotely select operating channels, etc. Discontinued
  HM153L HM-153L Earphone Mic with clamp VIEW Discontinued
  HM158L HM-158L Speaker mic with revolving clip and earphone jack. Discontinued
  HM159LA HM-159LA Full size durable speaker mic with revolving clip and earphone jack. Includes securing screws. Not in stock
   HM128L HM-128L Earphone with mic. Discontinued
  HS85 HS-85 Headset with VOX/PTT/One-Touch PTT.
Click to view diagram.
  HS94 HS-94 Earpiece style headset only (requires VS-1L) Discontinued
  HS-95 HS-95 Neck-arm style headset with boom mic (requires VS-1L). VIEW Discontinued
  HS-97 HS-97 Earphone with throat mic (requires VS-1L) Discontinued
#4889   LC-167 Carry case $45.00 $8.98 Order
  MB98 MB-98 Alligator belt clip. [As supplied] Discontinued
   OPC474 OPC-474 Radio to radio cloning cable Discontinued
  OPC478 OPC-478 Computer programming cable (DB9 to 3.5mm stereo). Discontinued
  OPC478U OPC-478U USB PC to HT cloning cable with Windows 3.5" diskette. Discontinued
     OPC-478UC USB PC to HT cloning cable with Windows CD. INFO Discontinued
  SP13 SP-13 Earphone Discontinued
  UT108 UT-108 DTMF decoder with code squelch and pager operation. Discontinued
#4449 VS1L VS-1L VOX-PTT Unit (required for HS-94/HS-95/HS-97). VIEW $44.00 $19.98 Order
#4225 Nifty Card REF CARD Nifty credit card sized reference contains 6 panels of information. $6.95 $4.98 Order

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