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Icom IC-91A
Dual Band HT
Digital Upgradable


Icom IC-91AD
Dual Band HT
Digital Ready


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  Icom IC-91A

  • Dual-Band Operation
  • Alpha Memories
  • Backlit LCD and Keypad
  • Wideband Receiver

The Icom IC-91A transmits on 2 meters and 440 MHz with a big 5 watts on either band (or 0.5 watts on low setting). It features extended receive from 495 kHz to 999.990 MHz (less cellular) and boasts 1304 memories. The A band (top) has wide reception from 495 kHz to 999.990 MHz in FM/WFM/AM (excluding cellular). The B band (bottom) receives from 118.000 to 174.000 MHz and 350.000 to 470.000 MHz in FM/FM-N/AM/DV modes. A combination of the A band and the B and can be received simultaneously, so V/V, V/U and U/U can be utilized. Available tuning steps include:  5, 6.25, 8.33 (only in air band), 9 (only AM radio band), 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100, 125 and 200 kHz. The digital voice and data mode conforms to the JARL's (Japanese Amateur Radio League) D-STAR standard.

The model IC-91A is analog/digital upgradable (with optional UT-121) and the IC-91AD is analog/digital ready (UT-121 already built-in). With the 91AD in DV mode, you can record 30 seconds of audio into memory (or 15 seconds into 2 memory slots, or 10 seconds into 3 memory slots). It will also play a recorded message (up to 10 seconds) in response to a call directed to the user's callsign. Audio messages can even be forwarded.

With an external NMEA 0183 format GPS attached (not supplied), your own and other people's position information can be sent and received. The rugged chassis is designed for the most demanding environments with JIS-4 specification for weather resistance. With SMA type FA-S270C antenna, BP-217 Li-Ion battery pack, MB-107 belt clip and BC-167A/NA/SA slow charger. 2.4 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches 10.6 oz. (58.4x103x34.2mm 300g).

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  BC139 BC-139 Desktop Drop-in Rapid Charger for 91A when using a BP-217 (2.5 hours).
Dual color LED indicates status. 120 VAC input.
   Icom BC167A BC-167A Slow (12 hour) wall charger when using a BP-217. Discontinued
  Icom BC167A BC-167NA Slow (12 hour) wall charger when using a BP-217. Discontinued
     BC-167SA Slow (12 hour) wall charger when using a BP-217. Discontinued
  BP216 BP-216 Battery Case (holds 2 x AA, not supplied) Discontinued
  Icom BP217 BP-217 Lithium ion Battery Pack 7.4V 1300 mAh Discontinued
  (CP12L) CP-12L Cigar Plug Filter charges through the BC-139 tray (sold separately). Discontinued
  Icom CP19 CP-19R Cigar Plug power cord with filtration charges battery pack in radio. Discontinued
  Icom HM75A HM-75A Remote Speaker Mic Discontinued
  Icom HM128 HM-128 Earphone Mic Discontinued
  HM131 HM-131 Speaker Mic with earphone jack Discontinued
  Icom HM153 HM-153 Earphone Mic VIEW Discontinued
  Icom HS85 HS-85 Headset with VOX/PTT/One-Touch PTT.
Click to view diagram.
    LC-163 Carry case Discontinued
#4734   MB-107 Belt clip (as supplied). Screws not included. $  10.00 $    3.98 Order
   Icom OPC254L OPC-254L DC Fused Cord [L-shaped plug] Discontinued
   Icom OPC474 OPC-474 Radio to radio cloning cable Discontinued
  Icom OPC-1529 OPC-1529R Serial data cable to PC or GPS. Discontinued
  Icom RS91 RS-91 Remote Control Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP Software CD
and OPC-1529 serial PC cable. INFO
  Icom SP13 SP-13 Earphone. Discontinued
  Icom UT-121 UT-121 D-STAR Digital Unit adds DV (digital voice) mode. User installable. Discontinued
      Icom D-STAR repeaters. INFO  
#0531 SMABNC SMA-BNC RF adapter to connect a BNC type antenna to the SMA antenna jack. $    5.95 $    3.48 Order
   SMA-SO239 SMA-SO239 Low-loss 4 foot (1.2 m) LMR100 RF adapter cable to safely
connect a PL259 type antenna to the SMA antenna jack.
  Nifty Combo COMBO 91A/AD Nifty 20 laminated page, spiral-bound Mini-manual, plus a
laminated Quick Reference card for your wallet. VIEW

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IC-91A  #0091 07-12 D[408]320/300 Q170/200 JP 02/18 IC-91AD #0000 00-00 D[000]000/000 Q220/280 JP 08/823