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D-STAR is an open protocol developed by the Japanese government and by the J. A. R. L. Icom is currently the only company manufacturing D-STAR compatible radios. D-STAR radios can talk directly to each other without any intermediate equipment, or through a repeater using D-STAR voice or data transceivers.

The D-STAR system supports two types of digital data streams:
The Digital Voice (DV) stream used on 144 and 440 MHz which contains both digitized voice (3600 bps including error correction) and digital data (1200 bps). Using a DV radio is like having both a packet link and FM voice operating simultaneously.
The Digital Data (DD) stream, used only on 1.2 GHz, is entirely data with a bit rate of 128k bps. The data connection to a radio that uses DV is via an RS-232 interface or USB 1.0. An Ethernet connection is used for high-speed DD D-STAR data.

The Icom D-STAR repeaters are available only directly from Icom.

D-STAR Repeaters

Order # Photo Item Your Price
  Icom ID-RP2C ID-RP  2C
Repeater Controller
Handles up to four RF modules.
  Icom ID-RP ID-RP 2D
23cm (1.2 GHz) Data Module
Access point with a data rate of 128kbps.
  Icom ID-RP ID-RP 2V
23cm (1.2 GHz) Voice Module
  Icom ID-RP ID-RP4000V
70cm (440 MHz) Voice Module
  Icom ID-RP ID-RP2000V
2 Meter Voice Module
    RSRP2 G2
G2 D-STAR Gateway Software

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