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Baofeng UV-5R
Dual Band HT


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  Baofeng UV-5R

  • 4 Watts VHF / 4 Watts UHF
  • 128 Alphanumeric Memories
  • Dual Band Display
  • DTMF Keypad
  • FM Broadcast Band Receive
  • Dual Band Watch
  • Wide/Narrow Bandwidth
  • Function Menu
  • Voice Unit

The Baofeng UV-5R is a compact F.C.C. Part 90 hand held transceiver providing 4 watts in the frequency range of 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz. It is a compact, economical HT that includes a special VHF receive band from 65 - 108 MHz which includes the regular FM broadcast band. Dual watch and dual reception is supported. You get up to 128 memories. Other features include:  selectable wide/narrow, battery save function, VOX, DCS/CTCSS encode, key lock and built in flashlight. Selectable frequency steps include:  2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5 and 25 kHz. RF power may be selected at 4 or 1 watts.

This radio comes with ANT5 SMA-J flexible antenna, BL-5 Li-ion battery (7.4V 1800 mAh), belt clip, wrist strap, AC adapter (8.4V 600 mA) and drop-in charging tray. Please note that this radio features a male SMA antenna jack.

This radio requires purchase of the USB-02 programming cable and downloading of software prior to use. These radios are certified under FCC part 90 and operate differently from traditional amateur equipment. FCC Part 90 radios do not operate natively in the VFO mode and are not as frequency agile and are best suited when frequencies are programmed into memory and operated in a channelized mode. May not be suitable as a "first radio".

The UV-5RC is a CE and FCC certified business radio that requires a commercial license to operate.

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
#2518   AC ADPTR 5 AC wall charger $9.95
#3136   ANT5 Flexible 6.8 inch antenna with female SMA termination [as supplied]. $4.98 Order
#5973 ANT5S ANT5S Flexible 4.8 inch shortee antenna with female SMA termination. INFO $8.98 Order
    Belt Clip 5 Belt Clip Discontinued
  BL-5 BL5 Li-Ion 7.4V 1800 mAh battery. Discontinued
  BL-5L BL5L Li-Ion 7.4V 3800 mAh battery (Not for UV5RA or UV5RC). VIEW Discontinued
  EAR MIC EAR MIC Ear mic. Discontinued
  ELIM ELIM Mobile battery eliminator. Discontinued
  SPKR MIC SPKR MIC Speaker mic. Discontinued
  TRAY 5 TRAY 5 Drop-in charge tray only [as supplied].
Features multi-color LED indicator. VIEW
#5936   SER DATA 5 RS232C serial programming cable only. $19.95
  USB-02 USB-02 USB programming cable only. Discontinued
#6021 SO2-SMF BK SO2-SMF BK SMA female to SO-239 adapter. Black. VIEW $4.98 Order
#2662 SO2-SMF SO2-SMF SMA female to SO-239 adapter. Silver colored VIEW $4.95 Order
   WXBNC WXBNC SMA female to BNC female adapter. Black. VIEW Discontinued
#4304 SMA SMA F - SMA F SMA female to SMA female antenna adapter. $2.19 Order
  SRJ77CA Comet HMO5JSJ Coaxial jumper cable 18 inch SO-239 to SMA female [SMA-J] INFO Discontinued
   SMA24J Comet SMA24J Flexible high-gain 2M/440 HT antenna
that features a reverse SMA termination [SMA-J]. INFO
   SRJ77CA Diamond SRJ77CA Flexible high-gain 2M/440 HT antenna
that features a reverse SMA termination [SMA-J]. INFO

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