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UV-5R Programming

Baofeng UV-5R Programming

Please proceed in this order:
Download and install USB cable driver software
       For Windows XP, 2000, Win98:  usb_XP2K09.exe   3,051,929 bytes  ver. 04/29/12
       For Windows Vista, Windows 7:  Baofeng-Driver-Vista-Win7.exe   2,065,563 bytes  ver. 00/00/12
Download all 3 Baofeng BF5R files into a directory on your PC
       BF5R_CPS.CAB   2,523,748 bytes  ver. 04/29/12
       setup.exe   139,776 bytes  ver. 04/29/12
       setup.1st   3,281 bytes  ver. 04/29/12
Connect USB cable to your PC
Connect USB cable to radio
Turn on the radio
Run program setup.exe
Run program BF5R

You may also wish to visit the Baofeng website for the lastest downloads.

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