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Yaesu VX-7RS
Silver Case

6m/2m/440 MHz

Yaesu VX-7RB
Black Case

6m/2m/440 MHz

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  Yaesu VX7R

  • 900 Memories
  • AM band and full SW to 30 MHz
  • European Tone Burst
  • Wideband Receive
  • True Dual Receive
  • ARTS-Automatic In-Range Transponder
  • Backlit Keypad & LCD
  • Internet Key for Access to WIRES™

The Yaesu VX-7R is a triple-band (6M, 2M & 440 MHz) HT with extensive receive coverage, and leading-edge features. The American version even transceivers with 300 mW on the 220 band. Power output on 6 meters, 2 meters and 440 MHz is 5/2.5/1/0.5 watts. It receives the AM and FM broadcast bands, shortwave (AM), VHF and UHF TV audio, VHF Air and public service frequencies. This new model features a rugged magnesium case with rubber bumpers and gaskets. It clearly sets the standard in ruggedness, versatility and water resistance. It is actually submersible (3 feet for 30 minutes). There is even an optional submersible speaker mic. The Yaesu display at the Dayton Hamvention featured the VX-7R submerged over 1 meter and powered for over 8 hours!

Other features include:  magnesium case, 24 hour clock, 900 memories, changeable icons, severe weather alert, and multicolor LED strobe. The VX-7R also has an Internet key to access the new WIRES™ system.

At only 2.5 x 4 x 1.2 inches it will go with you everywhere. Hikers and mountain climbers may connect the optional SU-1 Barometric Sensor for direct air pressure readings. The VX-7R comes with SMA Dual Section Antenna, FNB-80LI Lithium Ion Battery, NC-72B or PA-48B Battery Charger, Belt Clip and Wrist Strap. Please note that the VX-7RS was silver and the VX-7RB was black.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  ADMS-1G ADMS-1G Programing software CD with USB-57B computer cable.
For Windows:  XP, Windows 7 [32/64], 8/8.1 [FULL].
  CMP460 CMP460A Waterproof Speaker Mic. INFO
Discontinued and replaced by the MH-73A4B
#4555 CD15A CD-15A Lithium-Ion rapid charger allows 2.5 hours battery charging.
This charging tray requires the NC-72 or PA48B supplied with your VX7R. INFO
$50.00 $37.95 Order
  CSC88 CSC-88 Vinyl Carry Case Discontinued
#0951 CT91 CT-91 Mic adapter $20.00 $15.95 Order
  EBC5B EDC-5B Cigarette plug DC cable with voltage regulation.
Replaced by SDD-13
#3116 EDC6 EDC-6 DC Cable only. $10.00 $7.95 Order
#3173 FBA23 FBA-23 Cell Holder (holds 2 x AA, not supplied) $40.00 $29.95 Order
#0949 FNB80LI FNB-80LI Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7V 1500 mAh
May be labeled as 1250 mAh which is EU equvalent to USA 1500mAh measurement
$100.00 $74.95 Order
  MH57A4B MH-57A4B Speaker Mic. Replaced by SSM-17H. Discontinued
#1801 MH73A4B MH-73A4B Waterproof Speaker Mic.
$69.30 $49.95 Order
  PA48B PA-48B AC wall slow charger 100-240 VAC (8 hours). (Replaced NC-72B). VIEW Discontinued
#0999   SAD-24B AC wall slow charger [replaced PA-48B]. $30.00 $24.95 Order
#6162 EBC5B SDD-13 Cigarette plug DC cable with noise filtration. INFO $30.00 $23.95 Order
#0816 SSM-17H SSM-17H Speaker Mic. [Replaced the MH-57A4B] VIEW $30.00 $24.95 Order
#0669 SU1 SU-1 Barometric Pressure Option.
$50.00 $37.95 Order
  VC27 VC-27 Earpiece Mic. Discontinued
#6333 [VC27] SSM-55A Earpiece Mic. [Replaced VC-27] Not in stock
#5883 Go Bag GO BAG This insulated carry case will hold your HT, batteries, accessories,
Repeater Directory and more. INFO
$7.95 $7.95 Order
#0531 SMABNC SMA-BNC RF adapter to connect a BNC type antenna to the SMA antenna jack. $5.95 $4.99 Order
#3553 Pocket Reference POCKET VX7R This handy pocket reference covers: Control, DTMF, Memory, Receiver,
Scan, Tone, Transmitter and ARTS functions.
Also things not found in the supplied Yaesu manual:  how to use My Menu,
manual tone search, frequency information, user tips, etc.
2.75 x 4.25 inches 194 pages.
$10.99 $10.98 Order

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