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Alinco DJ-596T
2M/440 HT


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  Alinco DJ-596T

  • VHF/UHF TX/RX including cross-band split operation (not crossband repeat)
  • 100 Alphanumeric memory channels (Any mix of VHF/UHF)
  • Wire cloning capability
  • Direct frequency input from keypad
  • Large backlit display and keypad
  • 39 CTCSS, 104 DCS encode+decode
  • DTMF tones and 9 autodial memories
  • Tone bursts
  • Three scan modes
  • Theft Alarm feature
  • Wide and narrow FM TX/RX
  • 12 VDC direct input (5W output VHF/5W UHF)
  • High-power NiMH battery (4.5W output VHF/4W UHF)

The Alinco DJ-596T dual band transceiver does so much, yet it's remarkably easy to use. Full of advanced features, the DJ-596T offers simple programming and operation, powerful output and the optional capability of adding digital voice communications to your operations. CTCSS and DCS encode+decode are standard, along with a variety of tone bursts for repeater access or selective calling. The DTMF pad is standard and DTMF sequences can be stored in autodial memories. Convenience features include direct frequency input, alphanumeric channel labels and 100 memory channels that can each store up to 15 operating parameters. A nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) battery is standard, adding power and convenience. The DJ-596T looks simple, but remember, looks can be deceiving! The DJ-596T places one of the world's most advanced transceivers at your command.

This radio comes with the EDC-93 wall charger, EBP-50N 9.6V 700 mAh nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) battery, BNC flexible rubber duck antenna, belt clip and wrist strap.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  EBP50N EBP-50N NiMH Battery Pack 9.6V 700 mAh Discontinued
  EBP51N EBP-51N NiMH Battery Pack 9.6V 1500 mAh Discontinued
  EDC36 EDC-36 Car cigarette lighter power cord with filtration. Not in stock
   EDC37 EDC-37 DC Power Cable for External Power Source. Not in stock
  EDC43 EDC-43 Car Lighter DC Power Cable. Discontinued
    EDC-97 Drop-in quick charger for EBP50N/51N.
Click here for INFO
    EDC-133 Drop-in quick NiMH charger for EBP50N/51N (not for EBP48N). Consists of EDC-133 charge tray and EDC-135 AC adapter. Discontinued
   EDH30 EDH-30 Battery case holds 6 alkaline AA cells, not supplied. Black.
Click here to view larger.
Not in stock
#4408 EJ43U EJ-43U Digital voice board (requires two similarly equipped transceivers). $124.30 $39.98 Order
   EJ47U EJ-47U Digital GMSK voice board. INFO Not currently stocked
  EME12 EME-12 Headset with PTT/VOX and cushioned earphone. VIEW Discontinued
  EME13 EME-13 Headset with PTT/VOX and earbud. VIEW Discontinued
#2842 EME15 EME-15 Tie pin VOX mic and earphone. $71.65 $24.98 Order
#3147 EME17 EME-17 Boom mic with PTT and earbud with earhook. VIEW $32.95 $15.98 Order
  EME-20 EME-20 Earphone with tie-clip mic PTT. VIEW Discontinued
  EMS47 EMS-47 Speaker Mic with Volume Control Discontinued
#2830 ESC36 ESC-36 Vinyl Carrying Case $21.00 $9.98 Order
  ERW4 ERW-4C PC Interface Serial RS232 Cable [DB-9F] Discontinued
#1695 ERW7 ERW-7 PC Interface USB Cable INFO $49.65 $38.98 Order
    SS HH PK2 Handheld Pack #2 clone utility software CD. Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP. Discontinued

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