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144 MHz HT with
BT14 cell holder only!



144 MHz HT with
wall charger & NiMH batt.


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  Kenwood TH-K2AT

  • 100 Memories (50 if Alphanumeric)
  • Auto Repeater Offset
  • Backlit Keypad
  • Multi Scanning Modes
  • Built-in CTCSS/DCS
  • Weather Alert
  • 5/1.5/0.5 Watts Output
  • MIL-STD 810E

The Kenwood TH-K2AT is a rugged 2 meter HT with plenty of power and straight-forward operation. It provides a big 5 watts of output. It has a large backlit LCD and backlit keys. It features Weather Alert and weather receive. You get 100 regular memories, or 50 alphanumeric (6 character) memories.

Enjoy simple repeater operation with auto repeater offset and automatic simplex checker. Six different scan types are available. CTCSS, DCS and 1750 Hz tone burst are all built in. Other features include:  Auto power off, time out timer, memory channel transfer, wide/narrow deviation selection and 13.8 VDC input jack. The three different output power levels (5/1.5/0.5 W) allow you to enjoy extended battery life.

This HT meets stringent MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F standards for resistance to rain, vibration, shock and humidity. It also meeds the international IP54 standard for dust and water resistance. The TH-K2AT charges three times faster than previous models and has big receiver audio. This radio comes with the BC21 wall charger, PB43N NiMH battery pack (7.2V 1100 mAH), belt clip and SMA flexible antenna. Two separate manuals are also included: one in English and one in Spanish. This version that includes the battery and charger is discontinued.

The TH-K2AT K2 version is the same, but with the BT-14 battery case in place of the NiMH battery pack and charger.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  Kenwood BC-21 BC-21 AC wall Charger for PB-43N
Input: 120 VAC 60 Hz. Output: 13.8 VDC 150 mA [+].
[As supplied with TH-K2AT, but not with TH-K2AT K2 version].
  Kenwood BT-14 BT-14 Battery Case (6 x AA)
[As supplied with TH-K2AT K2, but not with TH-K2AT version].
  Kenwood EMC-3 EMC-3 Clip microphone with earphone [replaced by KHS-26] Discontinued
  Kenwood HMC3 HMC-3 Headset with VOX and PTT Discontinued
  Kenwood KHS21 KHS-21 Single ear headset with boom mic PTT (no VOX). Discontinued
   Kenwood KHS-22 KHS-22 Single ear, behind-the-head headset with boom mic PTT (no VOX). INFO Discontinued
   Kenwood KHS-26 KHS-26 Clip microphone with earphone Discontinued
  Kenwood KSC-24 KSC-24 Rapid charger. Not in stock
  Kenwood PB-43N PB-43N NiMH Battery Pack 7.2V 1100 mAh
[As supplied with TH-K2AT, but not with TH-K2AT K2 version].
  Kenwood PG2W PG-2W DC Fused Cord Not in stock
  Kenwood PG3J PG-3J Cigarette Lighter Cord INFO Not in stock
    PG-4P PC Programming Cable (radio to DB-25). Discontinued
  Kenwood PG-4Y PG-4Y PC Programming Cable (radio to DB-9). Not in stock
#3464 Kenwood SC-54 SC-54 Soft carry case with swivel belt clip - black. $17.00 $  4.98 Order
  Kenwood SMC32 SMC-32 Speaker Mic Discontinued
  Kenwood SMC33 SMC-33 Speaker Mic with Remote Discontinued
  Kenwood SMC34 SMC-34 Speaker Mic with Remote and Volume Not in stock
  Kenwood WR2 WR-2 Water resistant bag. Discontinued
  Go Bag GO BAG This insulated carry case will hold your HT, batteries, accessories,
Repeater Directory and more. INFO
Not in stock
#3753 Nifty Card REF CARD Nifty credit card sized reference contains 6 panels of information. $  6.95 $  3.98 Order

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#3496 03-11 D[135]120/120 Q060/080 SI 08/22